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In most cases people are skeptical about finding qualified personal injury lawyer. They are looking for someone that is going to pay close attention to their accident case. People suffering with injuries and sometimes fracture may have long term effects. Some effects of the soft tissue injuries will be permanent. The Injury attorney network corporation is here to help you find powerful accident lawyers. These lawyers are committed to getting the highest settlement for their clients.

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Car Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident injuries can happen. Our member attorneys can help get you compensation. Medical expenses are often covered 100% through no-fault insurance by the auto insurance.

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Work Accident Lawyers

Our Members can help with your workers’ compension case. Members deal with workers’ comp and willing to represent you for financiaol compension.

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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Slip and Fall injuries also known as Trip and Fall can lean to serious damages. Our members are passionate about getting the best possible finanical award.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical Malpractice and Mecical Negligence incidents can lead to permanent injury and sometimes death. Our members are here to help get you the maximum award.

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Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction site injuries often will require many attorneys. Our members have vast experience and have been dealing with these types of lawsuits.

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Product Liability Lawyers

Product liability is a subcategory of tort law. Our members practice in this area. Harmful chemicals, cancer causing agents, and some medical implants all fall within this category.

Attorneys of the Month

Omar Almanzar-Paramio, Esq

Omar Almanzar-Paramio, Esq

Personal Injury Lawyer

Babylon, New York

Russell D. Mauro, Esq

Russell D. Mauro, Esq

Personal Injury Lawyer

Wantagh, New York

Scott L. Wiss, Esq

Scott L. Wiss, Esq

Personal Injury Lawyer

West Hempstead, New York

John M. Porchia III, Esq

John M. Porchia III, Esq

Personal Injury Lawyer

West Islip, New York

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What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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