A personal injury lawyer is a professional that will help you in getting the compensation of your damages. If someone violated your rights, did any illegal action that caused you damages then you might receive compensation. The personal injury lawyer will help in getting the compensation from the accused in the court.
Here is a small example that will give you a clear idea of a personal injury lawyer case:
  • A person was shopping in a shopping mall and slipped due to water on the floor without warning.
  • It caused injuries to that person that led to economic damages (medical expenses). Also, may have led to non-economic damages (stress, depression, pain and suffering).
  • Now that person is legally entitled to receive the compensation from the management of the shopping mall.
Here the personal injury lawyer will help in filing the claim before the court and getting the compensation of damages. Similarly in accident cases the personal injury lawyer will help the injured party to get the compensation. 

Car Accident Injury Cases

Car accident cases may cause huge economic and non-economic loss. The victim in a severe car accident can face damages of $10,000-$500,000+ depending on several factors. If you have a car accident and face the injuries, it is your right to claim from the defendant. These cases are very complicated as several parties are involved in the case. For example, insurance companies, they try their best to save their companies and clients from paying any type of compensation. People that have damages after the accident may choose to hire an attorney and consult with them about the case. Also, you may discuss all types of claims and remedies that you can demand from the court.

Under-insured motorist cases

If the defendant is under-insured motorists, then it can create many problems for you. Insurance companies try their best through their insurance adjuster to sign the settlement at very less amount. When the insurance policy of the defendant is not enough to pay the damages then you have to file the lawsuit in the court. An attorney will help to get the damages and compensation cost from the defendant and insurance company.

Car Accident while working for an employer

Often times the defendants are more than one. For example, if you have an accident with the driver or employer then you can file the suit against the driver and employer. This could mean that you have two different lawyers that represent you. The first lawyer will be working on the personal injury side of the lawsuit and the second lawyer will be representing you on a workers compensation case where you may be entitled to medical and wage benefits. In these situations, the attorneys will often work on separate aspects to will help you to defend the case in the court and get your all rights and claims.

Why would I need a personal injury attorney if I have permanent injuries?

If you have severe types of injuries and cannot work for the rest of life. You are unable to support the family. In these cases, you want to claim for lifetime compensation. A personal injury attorney will help you to get this compensation from the court. In car accident cases, there are many relevant documents that are submitted to the court. For example, medical bills, investigation of police, statements of witnesses, etc. An attorney will help to organize these documents and to submit them to the court.

Car accident personal injury attorney:
Car accident personal injury attorneys help to get the compensation from the court, negotiate with the insurance companies and the insurance adjuster. Your personal injury attorney will also help you to calculate the damages cost and then claim it in a legal way before the court. They help to draft the legal documents, organize paperwork, evidence and witnesses.
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