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Fire & Chemical Burns

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Fire & Chemical Burn Injury Lawyer in New York

Injuries such as chemical burn injury and fire burn injury can cause severe damages. Damages such as pain and suffering, loss of income, and depression. If you have suffered injuries due to a burn injury or chemical burns you then it is your right to a burn injury lawyer. These types of personal injury attorneys can help you file the personal injury claim. Usually, it is a worker compensation claim against the accused. The burns and chemical burns can be the result of several reasons. For example, at workplace, negligence of workers, at someone’s premises, or in a car accident. If you become injured at your work or on work related tasks, then you file the worker compensation claim.


For this claim you have to prove that you suffered injury on the workplace or while performing a task. With medical evidence and logical facts, the workers compensation board opens the case. Prima facie evidence is the healthcare providers narrative repot. The narrative report includes the history, examination findings and the doctor’s opinion. If the injury or illness is a result of the event or occupational hazard, then the board may grant your claim.

Workers’ compensation covers the following compensation:

  1. Medical Treatment covered by the medical treatment guidelines
  2. Compensation of loss of income
  3. Restraining cost if you are no longer fit for the job
  4. In case of permanent injuries partial compensation
  5. Certain medical supplies
  6. Benefits to the family

Burn injury lawyer for the negligence of another person

If you suffered a burn injury and hurt due to the fault or negligence of another individual, then you can file the personal injury claim. The burn injury lawyer is a personal injury attorney that can help you through the process.

For this claim you have to prove the following things:

  1. The accused owed the duty of care towards you
  2. Duty of care is breached
  3. Breachment caused injury
  4. Injury caused economic and non-economic damages

Here the duty of care means that the accused have the legal duty to care for you. For example, an uber driver driving the car has the duty of care to protect others who share the road. So, if you become injured due to burns from a car accident, the car insurance should cover any damages. If you were the driver of an uber, then the workers comp insurance carrier should cover the damages. When the incident is due to an event not related to a work accident or motor vehicle accident the terms can change. If, fact you must prove that the accused had duty of care towards you and committed negligence.

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