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Car Accident Injuries

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Car Accident Lawyer in New York

Car accident injuries can cause huge economic and non-economic loss. According to an accident report a victim in a severe car accident can face damages upwards of $45,000-50,000. If you have a car accident and face the injuries, it is your right to claim from the defendant. These cases are very complicated as several parties are often involved. For example, insurance companies try their best to save their companies money. They must always put the client’s best interests first. Because of this fact, they attempt not paying any type of compensation or to settle the case at a very low amount. If a person decides to negotiate a settlement without a car accident lawyer, they may do so. Yet, they may not end up with favorable result, or fall short of their expectations.

Why do i need a Car Accident Lawyer for my car accident injuries?

If you have faced the huge economic and non-economic loss after the accident, then you should contact a car accident lawyer to consult about the case and all types of remedies that you can demand from the court. If the defendant is a underinsured motorist, then it can create many problems for you. Insurance companies try their best to sign the settlement at a very low amount. This is usually negotiated by the insurance adjuster who works for the company. If the insurance of the defendant is not enough to pay the damages, then you have to file a lawsuit in the court. Personal injury attorneys help to get the damages and compensation cost from the defendant and insurance company.

People that sustained car accident injuries can claim for the following compensation:

      • Medical Expenditures (Total Cost on medical expenses i.e. medicine, surgery, etc)
      • Financial loss (Damage to Car)
      • Loss of Income (If the injured party unable to work after accident, then the party can claim for the loss of income)
      • Loss of Companionship (The wife, children, or other blood relation can file the claim for loss of companionship)
      • Pain and Suffering (it covers all non-economic damages i.e. pain, stress, depression, emotional trauma, etc)

Car Accident Lawyers in New York, What is No-Fault Insurance and how can getting an attorney help with getting compensated for an injury.

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