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Chemical Exposure

Man with hazardous chemicals and proper safety equipment, probably not going to need a chemical exposure lawyer

Chemical Exposure Lawyer in New York

The industries, chemical companies, and every other person who are dealing in these types of products are legally responsible to protect the environment, citizens, and make sure that there is no effect on the environment or on the health of the citizens due to their work.  The chemical industries are under the legal duty to provide a safe environment to their employees without any side effects of the chemicals and also make sure that the manufactured chemicals are not affecting the environment or health of citizens. If you have suffered illness or injury due to exposure to these compounds, it is your right to consult with a chemical exposure lawyer.

Pesonal injury lawyer vs. chemical exposure lawyer

People might wonder what the difference is between a chemical exposure lawyer and a personal injury lawyer. Well, they are kind of the same in a sense. A personal injury lawyer can practice in many different areas. In fact, some personal injury lawyers only do car accident litigation. Yet, they may be asked to represent a client of a chemical expose case. In this circumstance it is likely that the car accident lawyer will have a law firm that handles toxic tort. This way the client can receive legal representation without having to look elsewhere.

Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals:

Toxic chemicals can affect a person’s physical heath, mental health, and the environment. In the US, the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 is a law that requires certain reporting to me mandatory. It addresses the manufacturing, disposal, selling, and use of industrial chemicals. The pollution prevention act implemented the policies that help in controlling industrial pollution.

Some toxic chemicals are the following:

Chemical exposure lawyers will get involved when someone becomes injured or suffers illness. First, the injury or illness must come from the chemical exposure. Second, there must be negligence of the chemical company. Finally, toxic tort lawyers file the claim against the manufacturer, and demand financial compensation for their clients.

Illness due to an environmental exposure

If you become injured due to an environmental exposure, then you can file the complaint/claim. This gets filed before the Environmental Protection Agency of the US. The environmental protection agency of the US handles the environment protection. Furthermore, they are responsible for implementing the environmental protection policies. If the environmental protection agency doesn’t cooperate and refuses to pay compensation; then you can file the lawsuit against the environmental protection agency of the US in the concerned court. The court will order the EPA to pay for the compensation against the damages.

The claim can cover the following:

    • Medical expenditures
    • Loss of income
    • Pain and suffering

Chemical Exposure Lawyers in New York, What is Chemical and Environmental Exposure and how can an Attorney help with occupational injury or illness.

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