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Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Picture of a vicious dog ready to attack. Someone may need a dog bite lawyer after a dog bite

Dog Bite Lawyers in New York

Dog Bite or Animal Bite can cause injuries and other medical issues due to infections. The victim of dog bite/animal bite has the legal right to claim for the compensation under the personal injury law. But first it is in the persons best interest to consult with a dog bite lawyer. In the US the states have different laws, some states declare that the owner of the dog or animal is liable for the compensation and responsible for every action of their dog or animal. Some states declare that a victim should fulfill a few legal requirements while filing the claim. A dog bite injury lawyer is well versed in dealing with these situations. Personal Injury attorneys who practice in this area are very familiar with the laws.


New York has a “mixed” rule

In the states where the law is that the owner of the dog/animal is responsible for their action and should pay the compensation you should immediately do the following things after the injury:

    • Get emergency medical treatment
    • Find information of owner of the dog
    • Prove that the dog bit you without cause
    • Prove that you are injured due to the dog bite

Fulfilling the following legal requirements:

    • The dog previously bit someone else (history of biting)
    • History of aggressive and dangerous behavior
    • Member of a dangerous breed

In dog bite cases the victim can claim for the following damages:

    • Compensation of Emergency medical care
    • Surgeries
    • Cost of Medical Diagnostic Tests
    • Medications
    • Physical and Occupational Therapy
    • Lost wages and lost earning potential
    • Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma

According to a report of the Insurance information institute the average payout for a dog/animal bite is $44,760.

In the dog bite claim the injured party may want to immediately get the medical care and collect the evidence.

Dog Bite Lawyers in New York, Find top Lawyers that are willing to fight aggressively to get financial compensation.

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