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Premises Liability Accidents

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Premises Liability Lawyer in New York

A premises liability lawyer is a type of personal injury lawyer. Premises liability means that the responsibility falls on the owner of a property. This is encompassing of almost every activity. If a person suffers an injury at a property, the owner of the property is responsible to pay for the damages. It is the legal duty of an owner to provide a safe environment to everyone that comes to the property, including visitors, workers, the mailman, etc.

What is Premises Liability?

Let us understand what premises liability accidents are with the help of a situation. For example, imagine you are a visitor at someone’s home, and the owner has a dog that bites you, this is premises liability. Of course you would have to suffer damages to pursue a lawsuit. In this case the owner of the property will  be legally responsible to pay the compensation of your injuries. The lawsuit will usually be against the homeowners insurance on the property. Whether or not the dog belonged to the owner, the terms would not change. To sum it up, it’s still up to the premises liability lawyer to file the correct paperwork.

Premises Liability Lawyer Situations

Here are some types of premises liability accidents which can lead to retaining a premises liability lawyer:

Premises liability accidents can also happen on commercial properties, for example, stores, restaurants, and businesses. If you face any damages at a commercial property, the owner of the property is responsible. On the other hand, it is equally important that people understand how rental properties work. When someone become injured or suffers damages, the landlord is not responsible. It will fall on the renter of that occupied space. In fact, the tenant is legally responsible for any damages of the visitors or guests within the space. Its equally important to know that insurance companies offer renters personal liability insurance. This is used in the event of an injury and will cover medical costs in these situations. Moreover, the landlord is only responsible when the landlord takes possession.

In conclusion, it is important to always get in contact with a premises liability lawyer when it comes to any legal advice. The majority the states are practicing the principles of comparative fault in premises liability cases. It means that the court will find out the negligence of both parties. The victim may be 10% at-fault; therefore, the victim will receive the 90% of compensatory amount.

Premises Liability Lawyers in New York, What is Premises Liability and how can an Attorney help with getting compensated for a permanent injury.

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