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Slip and Fall Accidents

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Slip and Fall Lawyer, do I need one?

Slip and Fall accidents fall under the category of personal injury litigation. It means that a slip and fall accident is due to the negligence of another person. For example, you were shopping in a mall, the floor of the mall was wet, and you slipped and fell. It caused injuries to you, in this case you can hire a slip and fall lawyer. The lawyer will file the claim against the management of the mall. The slip and fall lawyer will also demand financial compensation for injured. In these type of personal injuries cases the victim has usually two options. First to settle the case with the accused/negligent party or file the claim in the court. If the out of court settlement covers the compensation of all faced damages from the accident. For the out of court settlement the client will receive the compensation in a short time.

Slip and Fall Lawsuit out-of-court Settlements

Slip and Fall accidents out-of-court settlement amounts vary based on the strength of your case. They can also vary based on severity of your injuries and whether they are permanent in nature. It also makes a difference when you have an experienced slip and fall lawyer. Your settlement should include certain components. Financial losses, like your medical expenses, travel to medical appointments. As well as lost income because you’re unable to work. The compensation of pain and suffering is also part of an out of court settlement. You may demand the compensation of pain that you suffer. It is also taken into consideration that pain and suffering may continue to exist for the rest of your life. Compensation of emotional trauma, depression, stress, are also considered.

Claim Amount

The average slip and fall accident settlement could be in between $15,000 and $45,000. It depends on your injuries. If your injuries are minor, then the compensation will be towards the lower side. But if your injuries are major and you are unable to work in future then the compensation can go in millions.

Medical Expenses

Compensation for medical expenses in these cases involves past and current medical costs. Furthermore, the compensation may also include future medical expenses. Severe injuries may lead to someone having more than one surgery over time. Due to this that injured person may need long-term nursing care. It is not uncommon that they also may need assistive medical equipment to help them ambulate. To sum it up, future pain and suffering during treatment will also include in the claim amount. Any medical treatment necessary is at the expense of the person’s private medical insurance.

Workers Comp Slip and Fall Lawyer

There is one exception to the rule, if the accident happened at the workplace, its covered by the employer. The employer will more than likely have an insurance policy in effect to cover any medical costs. Workers compensation insurance is usually required for businesses in New York. A slip and fall lawyer could more than likely assist you in finding a workers compensation lawyer as well.

Slip & Fall Lawyer in New York

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